Oxygenated water, How to make your own oxy water

wwww.oxygenishealth.com If your looking for oxygenated water or enriched water with oxygen. Here is one of the best products I’ve found on the market to date! check it out, not only do they show you how to make oxygenated water yourself, but the benefits of oxygenated water are incredible,…


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  1. medinalba says:

    WELL there are sossooo many scams out there..like the guy in Alaska that has or grows extremely large veggies… well he doesn’t mention that 6 months of light, volcanic rich mineral fdirt and true a special tea made with animals p… or sh…. makes the large.

  2. ClariceStephan says:

    Oxygenated water continually amazes me.

  3. CassidyzBoo says:

    This is stupid. Water is already oxygenated naturally. (hello H2O, 2 hydrogens and one oxygen)

  4. mmatvnetful says:


  5. natelax22 says:

    This is such a scam!
    1. As soon as you put the drops into the water, any sort of excess “oxygen” is just to go into the atmosphere.
    2. Oxygen is not absorbed in the stomach or the small intestines. Any sort of absorption is minimal. You would be better off taking another breath
    3. Excess oxygen can lead to the formation of ROS (reactive oxygen species). These can be damaging to your cells.

    Please don’t waste your money on this stuff

    Quit stealing peoples money.

  6. henrymeyer23 says:

    This is pathetic and a complete falacy, how can you live with yourself preying on the ignorance of desperate people?

  7. Timurv1234 says:

    Yeah,i always feel the refreshing taste in my mouth when i drink cold water…..

  8. Timurv1234 says:

    @RadioTrefoil oh…… :$

  9. RadioTrefoil says:

    @Timurv1234 Silica IS Silicon dioxide…

  10. Smokindank123 says:

    Selling liquid air…now thats a new one

  11. Timurv1234 says:

    @mq1506 silica is not sand,silicon dioxide is sand

  12. kevp951 says:

    You can build yourself a collector & collect rainwater to drink and get more oxygen than this waste of money.

  13. mq1506 says:

    He just made up all of those words, silica is sand. water collects in sells. Total BS

  14. mackat4ck says:

    @RobHalp Oxygenated water also contains no more oxygen than regular water.

  15. unshutoptic1 says:

    Maybe Ozone Therapy should be viewed to quell rather than to cure. When mustard gas was 1st introduced to treat cancer I’m sure there were some nay sayers. But why should a person opt for cytotoxic chemicals or radiation if they get cancer? Why not try and make the immune system stronger with more reasonable treatments for disease?

    I think Tesla and Wihelm Reich weren’t quacks. They, like practitioners of Chinese & Aruvedic medicine understood something more subtle than science allows.

  16. RobHalp says:


  17. RobHalp says:

    The idea that infusion of oxygen by virtue of ingesting “oxygenated water” to “oxygenate” blood can cure disease is being marketed despite is lack of efficacy. This was clear from the testimony of Mr. Ed McCabe, before Senator Harkin’s subcommittee of the Committee on Appropriations, U.S. Senate, 1993

  18. RobHalp says:

    ]. After accusing the medical establishment of intentionally ignoring an effective treatment for AIDS, McCabe declared that he had proof that help is available to AIDS patients right now and that thousands had been successfully treated. But McCabe did not give the Committee references by which his proof could be verified, and he did not identify any of the medical papers he said contained the evidence of autohemotherapy’s effectiveness.

  19. RobHalp says:

    He showed no proof that US physicians had converted hundreds of AIDS patients from HIV positive to HIV negative status through autohemotherapy; he did not identify how, where, or when he interviewed the “644 German ozone therapists who successfully treated the 384,775 patients with 5,579,238 ozone treatments.” He did not provide evidence that autohemotherapy was clinically effective and resulted in long-term benefits.

  20. RobHalp says:

    Oxygenation therapists proposed that disease is caused by absence of oxygen and loss of cellular ability to use oxygen for “good energy” metabolism, detoxification, and immune system function. Oxygen therapies are proposed in order to restore the body’s ability to produce “good” energy, to “detoxify” metabolic poisons, and to kill invading organisms. However, over the five decades that have passed since this concept was proposed, scientists have shown that

  21. RobHalp says:

    Ingestion or infusion of “oxygenated water”, or any method purported to
    re-oxygenate the tissues of the body have no benefit whatsoever in the treatment of any disease.

  22. MrJeffw223 says:

    You can buy an ozonator machine on eBay
    For 50-70 bucks and make as much oxygenated water you want! It’s the same
    Thing and the cost is well worth it.

  23. maciejwrotek says:


  24. sofranko101 says:

    i counted seven drops he lied and said 8 this IS A SCAM !!!!!

  25. ayamkambingliao says:

    If O2 is health, then CO2 is death. So i drink Coke, means i would DIE from CO2 poisoning?

    HAHAHAHA fuckking sohai!

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